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Be a Magnet to those worthy of your time and devotion

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True friends are all around us, the key is to be able to spot them and determine whether they are worthy of your time and devotion. You meet potential friends every day while in social media, running errands, at work, in sports, neighbors, etc. The key thing is learning how to sift through our potential friends to then pull in quality people to COLLECT as “true” friends.
We seem to have this perception that all friendships must be made in person. But what if you could learn the proven strategies to make real friends, real connections, anywhere you meet people (even virtually)?
That’s what the “Collecting True Friends book” is all about. A life lived without amazing true friends is totally fixable no matter what age you are. This book will advance your friendship making approaches and boost your relationship keeping skills.  Elizabeth teaches you the real strategies you can use to go from being a stranger to being a true friend in life.
Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker had to master the art of making and keeping friends at an early age. Today, her magnetism pulls acquaintances closer and puts strangers at ease. She loves to engage all types of people in conversation. Collecting True Friends was divinely inspired to help others learn proven methods of creating and developing quality relationships.

A busy entrepreneur, Elizabeth created Growth Networking, a life-changing development program which she uses to train Business Professionals and University Students in the techniques of relationship marketing.

The initial goal of the system was to teach business owners how to retain more clients by effectively connecting with them.  When students inquired how to also spot potential friends among the crowd, Elizabeth realized the need was as much personal as professional.   Today, Elizabeth’s teachings include ways to cultivate friendships and long-term relationships among those we meet.

She is a co-founder of the successful women’s series group, the Women’s Forum of Coastal Virginia, which has grown to over 500 members in just three years. Elizabeth’s networking talents bring people together, and she has been given the title “The Connector.”  Elizabeth is actively requested to speak at organizations, forums, and institutions.  Earlier in her career, Elizabeth was a strategy and business development executive. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University in Political science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Strayer University. Additionally, Elizabeth was recently certified in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University.

Elizabeth loves spending time with her diverse collection of true friends. Her husband of 30 years and their large family reside in Virginia Beach with a collection of big rescue dogs. She sports a sense of adventure, high energy, a desire to travel, and has an engaging style as a connector, strategist, friend, and speaker.

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